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It’s a winner in the 2018 IAN Book of the Year Awards! It’s my first book and I earned a FINALIST badge in the Humor/Comedy/Satire category. WOW!!!

The Beginner’s Guide to Spouse Removal

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When Merry Mitchell discovers that her husband is hiding assets in preparation to dumping her for a younger woman, she is filled with hurt and rage.  Having toiled her way up from poverty, she will do nearly anything to avoid being poor again.

She considers a divorce, but quickly realizes that with her sons now of age, she won’t get the house or enough of a settlement to allow her to continue her pleasant life style.  After several efforts to save the marriage, she gives up, deciding that her dear husband must die.

Merry’s ideas for spouse removal are limited by the sophisticated methods of detection used by law officials.  She wracks her mind to find a method that is both undetectable and supposedly accidental.  And, to assuage her troublesome conscience, the attempt must give him a sporting chance of survival.

So. . . how to do it?



A story about friends
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A true friend will stick with you through times both sunny and dark.

A fair-weather friend will stay by you only as long as the sun shines.

And, then there are a few former friends, who use their knowledge of you for their exclusive benefit, employing methods both dark and evil, and sometimes even deadly.